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Super Cup Championship Series

JConcepts brings you a top-notch electric series for the state of Florida. The first series began in 2008 and the successful races have continued. Visit RCSignup to register for an event.

JConcepts SuperCup

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2014 SCCS Schedule

FALL 2014 Session

RACE 1: NewRed Hobbies – August 2, 2014

RACE 2: Lake Park – September 6, 2014

RACE 3: Jeff's RC Studio – October 4, 2014

RACE 4: 301 Raceway – November 1, 2014


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Registration info

First class: $25.00 USD
Second class: $20.00 USD
Third class: $15.00 USD
Fourth class (and beyond): $10.00 USD

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The SuperCup Series is split into 2 separtely scored sessions, Spring & Fall. The Spring Session runs from January to April and the Fall Session which runs from August to November.

Super Cup racing will be held on Saturday. An effort will always be made to run the event on that single day. If one complete round is completed it is an official race and points will be tabulated based on position. If it is impossible to race on a Saturday, Sunday will be used as the make-up day. If a race is unsuccessful on Sunday than a make-up race will be run at a date to be determined. Drivers will be given the option of a refund or to hold their entry for the future event.

Prior Seasons

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2012 Season
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